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Who We Are

Hong Kong Game Development Association (HKGD) was found in 2012 and it is an official organization that served local game developers in Hong Kong. We are organized by different famous or well-known local game development companies and related companies that support game development in Hong Kong.

Nowadays, gaming have been involved to become one of teenager's lifestyle. People can become full-time gamers and earn money by it. Gaming could also be a way of educating the people. It can motivate IT students for learning; teachers for teaching. Moreover, we can use it in our business or commercial societies.

We aim to guide aspiring game developers while they are young. We provide different kind of materials including free gaming engines for them to use. We take part in different youth associations and schools to organize different career talk show for promoting and encouraging young people, their family and friends to join and support the industry.

So far, we've organized many seminars, talk shows, workshops, industry gatherings and short courses for people who have been working in the industry to improve their latest skills and technologies.

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